COVID19 Notice 

Effective June 3, 2020 we are back in business after a contested advisory to temporarily close operations until review by local authority.

IN PROCESS; Currently our web site is down due to a remodel of the web site, products.

We have also decided to end our parts manufacturing in Taiwan. This means we needed machinery, training, and tooling to make the parts ourselves. MADE IS THE USA.

This certainly has been a longer process than initially estimated last year.

During this time if you wish to contact Joe's Model Trains Co. to inquire about our products or place an order, you can  fill out this form for Contact.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for this inconvenience during this process. 

Joes Model Trains Co.

Updated  7/21/20

Updated  7/21/20

Updated  7/21/20

  Production scheme has started on new design to 4 versions of the Rusty Rails Painter. Orders are being accepted via this web site. New images,descriptions, and instructions are forthcoming. 



No images or product details are listed here and we suggest that if you have a question on any product that you please take the moment to use the temporary contact form on this site.

1.)Detail & Decal Remover (IN STOCK)

2.) Rusty Rails Painter: 




3.) Flat Black / Dark Brown Conductive Paint:

        A work in progress still. It will be for weathering the tops of track rail yet allow stutter free transmission of electrical current to motors. It is challenging and ....we're working on that!

​4.) Flat Acrylic Paints (IN STOCK)

    Currently we formulate 4 primary prototypical colors- Weathered Black, Shale, Dark Brown and Brown Rust. Each comes standard in a 2 ounce plastic bottle. We are likely going to be adding a White Tinting Base formula to supplement making your own custom color tones. This was previously not available through wholesale distributors.

5.) Joe's Weathering Dye Kit: (IN STOCK)

        We're discontinuing the wooden plain finish storage box and lowering the Kit price. 

However we still have many kits with the storage box in stock! Going at a discount of 10% until gone.

6.) Joe's Weather Dyes / Individual Dyes (IN STOCK)

Notice to Dealers purchasing our product from Walthers:

  Effective January 1, 2018 a decision was made to discontinue credit extensions with wholesale discounting.

*Our terms are prepayment on all P.Os such as always existed with all International sales. 

 *All Hobby Dealers will see a increase to purchase orders and prepaid discounting terms.