Updated 8-31-2018


1.) Rusty Rails Painter:

    The feedback from the many many customers has proven valuable! In the past several months we have been applying this feedback into making a new tool based on the same Joe's Model Trains Rusty Rails Painter concept and applicator. However, the NEW tool will be more user friendly. Be much easier to clean, will not need a separate bottle to refill the tool- use same tool on the different bottle colors. In fact you can mix and use your own colors and paints! Tool will have 2 models in the same scales.  One with a short roller for painting the track rails IN HAND, and a longer roller with the existing 30 degree bend for  painting installed track. The web site will have completed images, examples and descriptions. Products will have updated labeling and instructions.

2.) Flat Black / Dark Brown Conductive Paint:

        A work in progress still. It will be for weathering the tops of track rail yet allow stutter free transmission of electrical current to motors. It is challenging and ....we're working on that!

​3.) Flat Acrylic Paints

    Currently we formulate 4 primary prototypical colors- Weathered Black, Shale, Dark Brown and Brown Rust. Each comes standard in a 2 ounce plastic bottle. We are likely going to be adding a White Tinting Base formula to supplement making your own custom color tones. This was previously not available through wholesale distributors.

4.) Joe's Weathering Dye Kit:

        We're discontinuing the wooden plain finish storage box and lowering the Kit price. 

5.) Effective January 1, 2018 a decision was made to discontinue credit extensions with wholesale discounting.

Our terms are prepayment on all P.Os such as always existed with all International sales. 

Offering huge discounting, annual hassles to pay extra for promotion of our products, receiving disproportionate respect in turn for prompt payment...was and is foolish.  

We will instead offer 24/7 discounting to individuals directly now  and on the new web site. Hobby Dealers will see an huge increase to the prepaid discounting terms.

​Again, thanks for your past support and current patience while we are getting on a better track!

​Thank you!

We are getting closer!

Currently our web site is down to a complete remodel and is being upgraded to the newest servers, security options, and customer"s internet browser settings on the internet. 

During this time if you wish to contact Joe's Model Trains Co. to inquire about our products or place an order, you can  fill out this form for us Contact  and expect a reply within 48 hours. Usually same day if sent between 9Am- 6PM EST.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for this inconvenience during construction!

Joes Model Trains Co.