New design to 4 model scale versions of the Rusty Rails Painter tool.  Z / N / HO / O / and custom reach. $22.95 - $24.95 /  *Custom reach $34.95

Each scale has specially sized tubing, paint orifice, and roller or disc configuration for excellent results. Let us know which scale you desire for more info.

* Painting Inside bridges, between structures, mountain pass, etc.

Temporarily, ordering is processed via this web site.

Joes Model Trains Co.

Formulated with very fine abrasive and pad printing ink modifiers to remove​ details from painted models without or with little harm to the base paint. Price:  $10.95 / 2oz. / .06 ltr.

Update  8/22/20

IN PROCESS; Currently our web site is down due to a remodel of the web site, products.

We have moved our purchase orders for parts manufacturing away from China.

This meant we needed machinery, training, and tooling to make parts ourselves.

                                                   MADE IS THE USA 2020

             This certainly has been a longer process than initially estimated.

During this time if you wish to contact Joe's Model Trains Co. to inquire about our products or place an order, you may fill out this form to Contact us.

Thank you for your patience during this process. 


1.)Detail & Decal Remover  

​​2.) Rusty Rails Painter: 



3.) Flat Black / Dark Brown Conductive Paint:

         For weathering the tops of track rail yet allow stutter free transmission of electrical current to motors. 

​4.) Flat Acrylic Paints

   Specially formulated by us for painting and adhering to smooth metal model railroad track. Even if dirty or having oily film. Plus the colors can be blended to a custom color.

4 prototypical colors: Weathered Black, Shale, Dark Brown and Brown Rust. 

 2 oz. / .06 ltr. PET plastic bottle. Price: $9.95 each

5.) Joe's Weather Dyes

     Formulated to dry to a flat finish and NOT require a sealer coat. Finish is very rub-off resistant after drying. BUT, can be removed or modified at any time after dry with either mild isopropyl alcohol to modify or remove totally with any warm dish detergent and water mix. PERFECT for the non-artists in custom model railroading.

​Colors:  Black Grime - Dirt & Oil - Rust - Dark Buff - Limestone - Clay Dust    

1 oz. / .03 ltr. PET bottle w/ flip top cap for safe dispensing. Price: $11.95 each

 6.)Joe's Weathering Dye Kit: Until supply lasts The locking wooden unfinished storage box with all 6 colors, 1 oz. alcohol, and 7 tray plastic artist palette is being discontinued. The boxes are made in China, vendor supply was never consistent, and minimum quantity ordering of several hundred now makes it not such a great idea for us. You can buy the same box at Walmart.

                                         JMT is lowering the price to $49.95! 

Notice: Joe's Model Trains does not distribute through Walthers Wholesalers as prior to             2018.

               International and Domestic hobby dealers are welcome to contact Joes Model Trains                       directly at +1-814-572-7003 or this Dealer Inquiry for interest and information on dealer                 relations.